Monday, December 7, 2009

Arctic Nights

Arctic Nights
Hook: Partridge cs10/1, #0/1
Thread: white 0/8 uni
Tag: Two strands flat, opalescent flashabou
Tail: Golden pheasant crest, paired Impyan head scales over
Butt: black ostrich
Body: spun natural white arctic fox fur
Rib: oval silver tinsel, two strands opalescent flashabou over, counter rib with fine silver thread
Hackle: Golden pheasant and Amgold pheasant crest wound as hackle
Throat: cobalt blue vulturine guinea
Wing: 1 pair spotted guinea back to back, 1 pair speckled guinea over, slightly shorter
Sides: 2 strands each Krystalflash 03, 05, 04, 01 and single strand red 3, splayed widely over wing
Cheeks: small bunch of arctic fox hair lightly tinted with light blue, light green, orange and yellow fine tipped waterproof  Sharpie marker pens, to lightly cover half the wing.
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
This fly was created in response to a challenge by the FQSA to tie original patterns using Arctic Fox hair.  I forget now if this was a fly I sent off as an entrant in the contest or not but I do like the fly.  The hair in the sides is supposed to represent the Northern Lights on a starry night sky composed of the guinea fowl feathers.  Came out rather nice I think.

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