Monday, December 7, 2009

Cindy's Once

Cindy's Once
Tip: fine gold thread
Tag: light blue silk with three wraps fine gold thread over
Butt: speckled Guinea dyed yellow
Tail: Golden pheasant rump, kingfisher tied long over
Body: in two sections, aft; conure chatterer style, butted with speckled guinea dyed red, fore; versicolor pheasant neck chatterer style (aprox. 200 feathers each section) with thin band of red conure at the front. 
Hackle: ringneck pheasant rump dyed purple over small throat of scarlet polar bear hair, tied to the bend of the hook.  Lady Amherst pheasant crest dyed scarlet over to the bend of the hook also.  
Wing: Small bunch of yellow dyed polar bear tied long, two pairs yellow hen neck over, 1 pair golden pheasant tippets back to back over.
Shoulders: Green impyan neck
Cheeks: kingfisher tied long  
Topping: Golden pheasant crest

This is one of those flies where I went sort of berserk with the feathers.   I don't know what I was thinking but as is implied in the name, I only want to tie this one once. 

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