Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey
Hook: Partridge CS 10/1 size 2/0
Thread: Black
Tip: fine oval gold
Tag: lemon yellow
Tail: topping and barred wood duck
Butt: black ostrich
Body: 2 turns light green silk, 3 turns red-orange silk, remainder purple-claret seal
Ribbing: flat copper tinsel followed by red wire
Hackle: yellow marabou tied full from the green silk
Throat: spotted guinea dyed red
Wing: peacock herl long and low, with golden pheasant tippets over, married strands of Argus secondary, wild turkey dyed yellow red and green, repeated 3 times, turkey dyed yellow and red to separate each strip, 2 toppings over.
Shoulder: jungle cock
Cheek: kingfisher
Horns: blue and yellow macaw
Head: black ostrich

Surprised at how pretty a wild turkey feather is when dyed, and wanting to do an eagle style pattern, I created this to celebrate my successful dying of a bunch of wild turkey tails into different colours. 

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