Monday, December 7, 2009

The Blue Fox

The Blue Fox
Hook: Partridge CS10/1, #0/1
Thread: white 0/8 uni
Tip: fine gold thread
Tag: canary yellow silk
Tail: Golden pheasant crest, scarlet macaw over
Butt: black ostrich
Body: darkest blue silk
Rib: oval gold tinsel, two strands opalescent flashabou, 3 strands red #3 Krystalflash over, counter rib with fine gold thread
Hackle: Golden pheasant and Amgold pheasant crest wound as hackle from the second turn of tinsel.
Throat: Amherst crest wound as hackle, cobalt blue vulturine guinea over
Wing: Small bunch natural white polar bear hair, small bunch of arctic fox hair lightly tinted with light blue, light green, orange and yellow fine tipped waterproof “Sharpie” marker pens over
Horns: blue and yellow macaw
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
Head: black ostrich herl

A companion to the Arctic Fox, for dark waters. 

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