Monday, December 7, 2009


Brenna’s Design
partridge cs10/1 #1/0
Tag: flat gold tinsel
Tail: golden pheasant breast feather
Ribbing: oval gold, cross-ribbed with fine gold thread
Body: in 4 quarters, flat gold tinsel, canary yellow silk, magenta SLF#25, light claret SLF#14
Hackle: chartreuse marabou, one side stripped, over all, Speckled guinea dyed green over the front half
Collar: ring neck pheasant rump dyed claret
Wing: peacock herl, blue peacock neck over top, tied short so as to form a roof extending half way up the wing.

My daughter, knowing little about fly tying, but seeing what I do with fur and feathers, handed me a sketch one day and said, “Daddy, tie this.”  She was about 9 at the time as I recall.  She has an eye for a good fish getter I think!

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