Monday, December 7, 2009

The Redwing

The Redwing
Hook: Partridge CS10/1 #1/0
Thread: 8/0 black Uni
Tip: fine gold thread
Tag: canary yellow silk
Tail: matched strips from yellow with blue base shoulder feathers of Scarlet macaw
Body: 3/5 kingfisher blue silk, 2/5 fiery claret SLF #13
Rib: oval silver tinsel
Hackle: fine speckled guinea dyed bright yellow
Throat: Guinea dyed kingfisher blue
Wing: 2 pair hen neck dyed scarlet tied long and back to back, 1 pair Lady Amherst tippet dyed scarlet tied over
Shoulder: double jungle cock, one longer then the other
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Topping: 2 Golden pheasant crest

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