Monday, December 7, 2009

Camille's Delight

Camille's Delight
Hook: Partridge cs/10, #1/0
Thread: white 8/0 uni-thread
Tag: flat silver tinsel
Tail: topping and speckled guinea
Butt: black ostrich herl
Body: 3/5 flat silver tinsel, veiled with oily black cock’s hackle above and below.  Front 2/5 white silk,
Rib: oval silver tinsel over the rear 3/5, oval gold tinsel over the front 2/5
Hackle: fine speckled guinea over the white silk Throat: spotted black and white guinea
Wings: a small bunch of white polar bear hair, over that is a pair of silver badger rooster neck hackles.  2 pair Lady Amherst tippets back to back, staggered Ranger style, married strands light orange, black and white as follows, 2 strand orange, single strands of black and white alternating 5 times, two strands light orange to finish.  
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Horns: scarlet macaw
Topping: Golden pheasant crest

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